Digital School/ Collage Diary (Orange App). By Infinite Technology

Digital School / Collage Diary (Orange App)

Orange App is the Cloud Based Service for Institute. This give you feature to give student information on mobile phone. Like Attendance, Homework, Result's and Many more.

Compared to some of the other mobile app service available in the market, Orange App has a wide range of features. In addition to Orange App provide you a mobile app with your own Logo with Hosting on all Famous App Store.

Its our Cloud Store. We have some Cloud product's and we are making them more and more advance. Complete user friendly.

On Cloud Store. By Infinite Technology
School Management Software (Lemon Erp). By Infinite Technology

School Management Software (Lemon Erp)

Lemon Erp is the Cloud based School Management Software. It's advance software to manage School Online. Totaly Userfriendly and with great look and responsive effects.

Lemon Erp has been developed to work really well with any device which supports Internet facility and Web-Browser. This means you can make use of this software without facing any kind of restriction based on location. In addition it is compatible with all the browsers and smart phones.