Makes your Accounting Simply and Easy

inAccounts : Makes your Accounting Simple and Easy

How inAccounts helps to manage your Accounts?

inAccounts is an Accounting Software / Inventory Management Application which helps to manage your business easily. We have developed inAccounts with an intention to reduce the complexity of accounting for you and make it as simple as we can. We provide many features to let you analyze your growth and progress more efficiently, some of the features are described below -


Keeping good records is very important to your business. And to keep record of every transaction is hard enough. Sales is the basic transaction of any business. Our Application makes it easy for you to record and calculate amount of every sales done.


Every business has to record their purchases too. It helps them know if they have earned profit or loss and also helps in making good decisions for the growth of the business. Our Application records every purchase so that it will help you when you are calculating the balance of your business.


Production is important for businesses which deals with producing items to sell or use themselves, it helps them to gain information about inventory, products or the value of the assets that business has acquired. Using our application, you can record your production as well as your raw materials used in it.


If every transaction of the business were recorded, it would mean that there is a voucher available as a proof to that transaction. When the accounts of the company are audited, these vouchers play an important role and help the external auditor in gathering audit evidence. Our application help you in recording and printing vouchers.


Business which provide booking for products or sale, they have to record every booking made by the customer. To do so they usually maintain a diary or register, but our application provide a feature to record booking and a tab to keep reminder for the same.


A Quotation can be an important part of the sales and invoicing process for businesses. Quotations are normally sent at the request of a customer who wants to know more about certain goods or services before they make a purchase. Our Application provide keeping records of every quotation and help you convert quotations in bills too.

Purchase Return

Purchase Return give you information about the products you purchased but returned back to the owner. It is important to keep these records to calculate balance at the end of the month or year.

Sales Return

As important it is to record sales of your business, Recording Sales Return is no less. Sales Return provide you information regarding the products which were sold but has been returned back to you.


We provide a feature of search in which you can search all the above given data and more, between particular dates or by the names of the vendor or customer.


A Vendor is a person or business that supplies goods or services to your business. Another term for Vendor is Supplier. This helps in purchase as the company presents the purchase order stating the goods or services needed, the price, delivery date, and other terms to Vendor. Our application helps you to record your every Vendor and all the information about them.


Report are very important for any kind of business, it helps the business gain knowledge about its profit and loss as well as it provides a real advantage over competition in different ways. Our Application help you in achieving this by providing reports for:

  • Sales
  • Sales Return
  • Purchase
  • Purchase Return
  • Voucher
  • GST Reports
  • Stock, and
  • Revenue


A Statement is important for any business as it is a summary of every financial transactions which have occurred over a given period of time. Our Application provide you statement to let you know about the transaction you have done with your client or in regard of your bank account. There are two types of Statement in inAccounts :

  • Product Statement (Records of every transaction done by a particular Product).
  • Account Statement (Records of every transaction done by a particular Account).


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